Activate Your Alignment: Online Meditation Journey

In the 21 day meditation challenge, Harmony will guide you on a free online journey to activate your spiritual alignment.

Each day will have a unique theme offering practical tools and deep wisdom to support you living and loving from the True Self: 

Things to know:

  • Each meditation will be 8 to 15 minutes

  • To sign up, enter your email address and create your account

  • The meditations will unlock each day at 12 AM MT

  • You will receive an email each day with a link to your account where you will access the meditation and journal prompt

  • Meditations will be available on YouTube after the publication

  • Consistency of daily devotional practices is initiated by you. These reminders are a support for you on your journey.

    • Journey Begins Today

    • Daily Audio Meditations

    • Inspirational Reminders

    • Invitation into Self-Inquiry

    • Journal Prompts

    • Create your account to access  

    Experience more self-trust, self-compassion, and inner peace as a result of your own dedication to your devotional practices. 

    • Day 1: nervous system regulation

    • Day 2: find your alignment

    • Day 3: differentiate from the conditioned self

    • Day 4: accessing the subtle mind

    • Day 5: moving to awake awareness

    • Day 6: embracing the shadow

    • Day 7: discovering polarities

    • Day 8: loving your inner young one

    • Day 9: touching your deepest truth

    • Day 10: inner guidance

    • Day 11: unconditional self-love

    • Day 12: forgiveness

    • Day 13: self-trust

    • Day 14: energy clearing

    • Day 15: healthy boundaries

    • Day 16: desire

    • Day 17: congruence

    • Day 18: nondual

    • Day 19: intuition

    • Day 20: True Self consciousness

    • Day 21: emergent being

What People Are Saying:

I am profoundly grateful for Harmony’s teachings, authenticity, and vibrant energy she shares. As a student and mentee, I am continuously learning the art of spiritual alignment as it relates to the therapeutic relationship, and even more importantly, as it relates to showing up fully for myself.

Jaime Tousignant