The Spiritually Aligned Community

Join a community of people who are dedicated to cultivating their own spiritual alignment and living from this sacred place. We are a group of therapists, coaches, educators, and individuals who are invested in learning about our own nervous system regulation, spiritual alignment, relational communication, mindfulness, self-awareness, and more.  

You'll Receive:

  • Support on Your Journey
  • Connection with Others
  • Ongoing Learning

This trauma-informed spiritually aligned community is led by trained professionals. However, this is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. Each person here commits to having their own resources outside of the group and to cultivate their own internal alignment. 

What People Are Saying:

Harmony is an authentically compassionate teacher and gifted healer. I am so grateful to have her as my mentor! She beautifully weaves together therapeutic tools with coaching, spirituality and embodiment of the True Self for both the client and the practitioner. I honestly give her my highest recommendation.

Tahnnee Swanton