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Facilitating Spiritual Alignment: Signature Course

Guide your clients into deeper healing as you empower them to live from their True Self.

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Please note that this course consists of non-contact recorded webinars. With a combination of lectures, recorded demos, guided practices, and handouts, you will learn the essential theory, skills, and practices to hold a spiritually aligned, trauma-informed container. Anyone interested in this topic can take the course.

If you’d like to be considered for the certification tract, you will need to take 6 group coaching consultations. Group coaching is 2 hours once a month led by Harmony. You do need to apply for group coaching. This is a mandatory part of certification to help you integrate what you are learning.

Applicants who want to become certified typically have a masters, doctorate, or coaching certificate. While all applications will be considered, it is recommended that you have completed some college and have extensive experience in personal development.

While this course is taught by a professor of counseling, it is not a substitute for graduate school in a mental health profession. Psychotherapist is a regulated term, and you may not legally offer mental health counseling without a degree from an accredited university. While this course is intended for psychotherapists, coaches, and healers, it is not a substitute for training in the ethics and clinical approaches that are expected in your field. It is your responsibility to know the guideline for practitioners in your state and to follow those guidelines in an ethical manner.

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What People Are Saying:

As a professor, Harmony is the most engaged, organized, direct, fair and CLEAR professor I have ever had. Her mastery of the material allowed her to continually present impossible concepts in a way that was logical, completely digestible, and utterly engaging. The nature of the content itself dove deep into the heart of human connection. Her clear direct teaching style is a result of her clear direct relational capacity which she has managed to capture into a curriculum, while modeling the very essence of the content in her delivery: authentic, enlivened and compassionate.

Shannon Iris